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: Nude Clan




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: 8


: 9228157111458912028


: We are The Nude Clan! We are HC casuals, looking to grow as an FC. We welcome all into the nude, whether you are leveling or seek end game glory!


: Maelstrom




: Nude House at Plot 46, 9 Ward, Shirogane, Brynhildr

Welcome message

: We are The Nude Clan! We are HC casuals, looking to grow as an FC. We welcome all into the nude, whether you are leveling or seek end game glory!


: Always



Ranking history


as of 27/02/2018

[27/02/2018] Clare Gridania is assigned Official Nude rank

[27/02/2018] Perfectly Normal is assigned Official Nude rank

[27/02/2018] Baela Ittetsu is assigned Trainee Nude rank

[27/02/2018] Dunban Osborne is assigned Trainee Nude rank

[27/02/2018] Fenix Titania is assigned Trainee Nude rank

[27/02/2018] Tai Trisvyre is assigned Trainee Nude rank

[27/02/2018] Mai Shiraishi leaves Nude Clan

[27/02/2018] Altina Mikain joins Nude Clan

[27/02/2018] Kerani Buhen is assigned Full-on Nude rank

[27/02/2018] Aelius S'nclair is assigned Nude Raider rank

[27/02/2018] Alexandra Rose is assigned Nude Raider rank

[27/02/2018] Bella Roseu is assigned Official Nude rank

[27/02/2018] Daiske Newa is assigned Official Nude rank

[27/02/2018] Geronimo Allons-y is assigned Official Nude rank

[27/02/2018] Rikka Fu is assigned Official Nude rank

[27/02/2018] Maria Traydor is assigned Trainee Nude rank

[27/02/2018] Atlas Kinsley is assigned Asleep/Clothed rank

[27/02/2018] Axell Mayce is assigned Asleep/Clothed rank

[27/02/2018] Bombus Lupus is assigned Asleep/Clothed rank

[27/02/2018] Chloe Mae is assigned Asleep/Clothed rank

[27/02/2018] Dirk Lance is assigned Asleep/Clothed rank

[27/02/2018] Don Dellbon is assigned Asleep/Clothed rank

[27/02/2018] Jade Trejo is assigned Asleep/Clothed rank

[27/02/2018] Magical Truthgirl is assigned Asleep/Clothed rank

[27/02/2018] Nooborious Ceasar is assigned Asleep/Clothed rank

[27/02/2018] Noriinna Krepic is assigned Asleep/Clothed rank

[27/02/2018] Pixel Edged is assigned Asleep/Clothed rank

[27/02/2018] Scritt Masterson is assigned Asleep/Clothed rank

[27/02/2018] Ser Husk is assigned Asleep/Clothed rank

[27/02/2018] Serras Kohl is assigned Asleep/Clothed rank

[27/02/2018] Spike Steinhoff is assigned Asleep/Clothed rank

[27/02/2018] Temri Sumako is assigned Asleep/Clothed rank

[27/02/2018] Toragana Kahkol is assigned Asleep/Clothed rank

[27/02/2018] Yueff Ephan is assigned Asleep/Clothed rank

[27/02/2018] Zhao Yusuke is assigned Asleep/Clothed rank

[27/02/2018] Zoloe Rose is assigned Asleep/Clothed rank

[27/02/2018] Nude Clan buys Plot 46, 9 Ward, Shirogane (Large)

[13/02/2018] Nanami Ikuta leaves Nude Clan

[12/02/2018] Klimmek Turthane leaves Nude Clan

[09/10/2017] Kerano Buhen joins Nude Clan

[09/10/2017] Axell Mayce joins Nude Clan

[09/10/2017] Atlas Kinsley joins Nude Clan

[27/08/2017] Mai Shiraishi joins Nude Clan

[27/08/2017] Geronimo Allons-y joins Nude Clan

[27/08/2017] Dirk Lance joins Nude Clan

[04/08/2017] Noriinna Krepic joins Nude Clan

[04/08/2017] Jade Trejo joins Nude Clan

[04/08/2017] Bombus Lupus joins Nude Clan

[04/08/2017] Don Dellbon joins Nude Clan

[04/08/2017] Chloe Mae joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Sniper Omega joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Sage Senpai joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Rikka Fu joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Maria Traydor joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Magical Truthgirl joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Magical Lovekiss joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Klimmek Turthane joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Karma Xian joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Kahl Kroth joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] I'matoad Iswear joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Diphylleia Grayi joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Eliath B'naal joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Destimona Jadewish joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Dankest King joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Daiske Newa joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Banedrom Wulfric joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Bella Roseu joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Artymis Asheron joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Artemis Remmesworth joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Zoloe Rose joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Temri Sumako joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Yueff Ephan joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Spike Steinhoff joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Serras Kohl joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Scritt Masterson joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Roxi Alur joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Pixel Edged joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Mosa Mimosa joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Mika Amazuki joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Axelota Redtone joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Keo Liveathome joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Atorious Dark joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Arcturus Mengsk joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Toragana Kahkol joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Eziran Jawantal joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Nanami Ikuta joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Lizha S'nclair joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Kerani Buhen joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Eisen Kreuz joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Alexandra Rose joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Ser Husk joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Nooborious Ceasar joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Krinital Italami joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Judge Cloudprod joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Emilee Mentos joins Nude Clan

[15/07/2017] Nude Clan is registered in the service

[10/05/2017] Lucious Beleg joins Nude Clan

[08/05/2017] Zhao Yusuke joins Nude Clan

[08/10/2015] Free Company is formed

Mistress Nude Emilee Mentos
Nude Raider Aelius S'nclair
Nude Raider Alexandra Rose
Nude Raider Altina Mikain
Nude Raider Eisen Kreuz
Trainee Nude Baela Ittetsu
Trainee Nude Dunban Osborne
Trainee Nude Fenix Titania
Trainee Nude Keo Liveathome
Trainee Nude Kerano Buhen
Trainee Nude Maria Traydor
Trainee Nude Tai Trisvyre
Asleep/Clothed Arcturus Mengsk
Asleep/Clothed Artemis Remmesworth
Asleep/Clothed Artymis Asheron
Asleep/Clothed Atlas Kinsley
Asleep/Clothed Atorious Dark
Asleep/Clothed Axell Mayce
Asleep/Clothed Axelota Redtone
Asleep/Clothed Banedrom Wulfric
Asleep/Clothed Bombus Lupus
Asleep/Clothed Chloe Mae
Asleep/Clothed Dankest King
Asleep/Clothed Destimona Jadewish
Asleep/Clothed Diphylleia Grayi
Asleep/Clothed Dirk Lance
Asleep/Clothed Don Dellbon
Asleep/Clothed Eliath B'naal
Asleep/Clothed I'matoad Iswear
Asleep/Clothed Jade Trejo
Asleep/Clothed Kahl Kroth
Asleep/Clothed Karma Xian
Asleep/Clothed Lucious Beleg
Asleep/Clothed Magical Lovekiss
Asleep/Clothed Magical Truthgirl
Asleep/Clothed Mika Amazuki
Asleep/Clothed Mosa Mimosa
Asleep/Clothed Nooborious Ceasar
Asleep/Clothed Noriinna Krepic
Asleep/Clothed Pixel Edged
Asleep/Clothed Roxi Alur
Asleep/Clothed Sage Senpai
Asleep/Clothed Scritt Masterson
Asleep/Clothed Ser Husk
Asleep/Clothed Serras Kohl
Asleep/Clothed Sniper Omega
Asleep/Clothed Spike Steinhoff
Asleep/Clothed Temri Sumako
Asleep/Clothed Toragana Kahkol
Asleep/Clothed Yueff Ephan
Asleep/Clothed Zhao Yusuke
Asleep/Clothed Zoloe Rose
Official Nude Bella Roseu
Official Nude Clare Gridania
Official Nude Daiske Newa
Official Nude Eziran Jawantal
Official Nude Geronimo Allons-y
Official Nude Perfectly Normal
Official Nude Rikka Fu
Full-on Nude Judge Cloudprod
Full-on Nude Kerani Buhen
Full-on Nude Krinital Italami