Glazed Donut Shop


: Glazed Donut Shop


: Glaze


: 23


: 8


: 9228157111458908461


: Donut Shop


: A little family for Donut lovers and people who want to have a laid back time and just have fun! (250 per donut, tax-inclusive)


: Immortal Flames




: The Donut Shop at Plot 5, 8 Ward, Mist, Brynhildr

Welcome message

: Welcome to The Donut Shop! ♥ The only shop where we sell YOU!


: Always



Ranking history


as of 15/03/2018

[15/03/2018] H'riya Tia is assigned Leftovers rank

[15/03/2018] Magnai Sama is assigned Leftovers rank

[15/03/2018] Ogodei Adarkim is assigned Leftovers rank

[15/03/2018] Sadu Heavensflame is assigned Leftovers rank

[13/03/2018] Raj'ir Jheka is assigned Caramel rank

[13/03/2018] Kouichi Sakurai is assigned Stale Donut rank

[13/03/2018] Lai Milk is assigned Stale Donut rank

[13/03/2018] Donut Shop is renamed to Glazed Donut Shop

[13/03/2018] Glazed Donut Shop changes insignia to "Glaze"

[13/03/2018] Magnai Sama leaves Glazed Donut Shop

[13/03/2018] Sadu Heavensflame leaves Glazed Donut Shop

[13/03/2018] Augustiniel Iseterre leaves Glazed Donut Shop

[13/03/2018] Marielle Valtin leaves Glazed Donut Shop

[13/03/2018] Aisha Reyne leaves Glazed Donut Shop

[13/03/2018] Ayumi Akiyama leaves Glazed Donut Shop

[13/03/2018] Auska Eko joins Glazed Donut Shop

[07/08/2017] Clint Enema joins Donut Shop

[07/08/2017] Sadu Heavensflame joins Donut Shop

[07/08/2017] Revius Night joins Donut Shop

[07/08/2017] Crystal Belamonte joins Donut Shop

[07/08/2017] Magnai Sama joins Donut Shop

[12/07/2017] Marielle Valtin joins Donut Shop

[12/07/2017] Augustiniel Iseterre joins Donut Shop

[12/07/2017] Sed Allond joins Donut Shop

[12/07/2017] Ryder Maelstrom joins Donut Shop

[12/07/2017] Repliae Allond joins Donut Shop

[12/07/2017] Lao Nakhon joins Donut Shop

[12/07/2017] Jasa Gardes joins Donut Shop

[12/07/2017] Furina Lythe joins Donut Shop

[12/07/2017] Aislynn Ura joins Donut Shop

[12/07/2017] Mangix Ale joins Donut Shop

[12/07/2017] Senah Lihzeh joins Donut Shop

[12/07/2017] Raj'ir Jheka joins Donut Shop

[12/07/2017] Donut Shop is registered in the service

[09/05/2017] Lai Milk joins Donut Shop

[09/05/2017] Kouichi Sakurai joins Donut Shop

[09/05/2017] Jin Shi joins Donut Shop

[09/05/2017] Jaaskibi Dansker joins Donut Shop

[09/05/2017] Lai Pigeonhunter joins Donut Shop

[09/05/2017] Holo Lupus-sapiens joins Donut Shop

[24/04/2017] Ayumi Akiyama joins Donut Shop

[21/03/2017] Aisha Reyne joins Donut Shop

[07/01/2017] Eyes On-you joins Donut Shop

[15/07/2015] Free Company is formed

Glazed Donut Lai Pigeonhunter
Macaron Auska Eko
Macaron Holo Lupus-sapiens
Macaron Senah Lihzeh
Donut Aislynn Ura
Donut Crystal Belamonte
Donut Furina Lythe
Donut Jasa Gardes
Donut Lao Nakhon
Donut Repliae Allond
Donut Revius Night
Donut Ryder Maelstrom
Eclair Mangix Ale
Stale Donut Kouichi Sakurai
Stale Donut Lai Milk
Leftovers Clint Enema
Leftovers H'riya Tia
Leftovers Magnai Sama
Leftovers Ogodei Adarkim
Leftovers Sadu Heavensflame
Cinnamon Jaaskibi Dansker
Cinnamon Jin Shi
Caramel Raj'ir Jheka