: Horizon


: Rise


: 82


: 8

Leveling history


: 9228157111458886462


: Raid focused, Get Good Academy. Brynhildr Retirement Club.


: Order of the Twin Adder




: Jasmine Dragon at Plot 13, 3 Ward, The Goblet, Brynhildr, Primal

Welcome message

: Come! Enjoy the view with a cup of tea and warm company.

Ranking history

lost button Aldebrand Denston
yes Alex Frost
used button Amita Al-nejemhaal-ne
crusted button Aqua La'fa
cute button Ariabelle Panipahr
button pusher Ashe Durvsteken
used button Aurelias Artorias
drunk button Boide Bannatyne
used button C'nibis Musou
used button Cal'safer Sanct'ensor
fresh button Calestra Nightwing
button pusher Chig Tails
crusted button Cider Drake
crusted button Claes Lovelace
used button Doktorius Black
used button Drizzix Dourdan
button pusher Erieri Mimisa
lost button Felix Serpentine
crusted button Freya Blancah
drunk button Gcd Chad
button pusher Genki Igaru
confirmd button Geno Frofino
crusted button Guayaba Java
fresh button Jojo Biz'ro
fresh button Kahlua Koffi
button pusher Kasanti Balewynd
crusted button Keru Cheese
crusted button Killa Drac
used button Kirin Kin
used button Kotori Luna
crusted button Kusanagi Motoko
fresh button Lil' Puddin
fresh button Lilith Ghost
harem button Lilyssa Biskit
crusted button Luna Kallen
fresh button Luna Umbranox
fresh button Manic Fate
crusted button Markus Frost
fresh button Marwolaeth Drethneg
used button Meme Man
fresh button Millenia Valmar
used button Mirith Miriti
cute button Mister Prog
crusted button Moose Rocka
used button Nago Mashiro
fresh button Nasha Wahcondalo
fresh button Neko Nekoneko
fresh button Nerble Dinderflik
button pusher Nicodemus Archleone
fresh button No'onichan Thats'lewd
fresh button Nym Bele
fresh button Peach Rhiki
used button Poppop Potato
crusted button Raiko Kenric
crusted button Rick Mercer
cute button Rook Mirthwyn
fresh button Rostn Orchid
fresh button Ryudraggril Vinocacao
fresh button Seraph Singer
used button Shion Frost
crusted button Shy Frost
used button Sir Sif
used button Skvm Punx
fresh button Sylvrain Ayasato
fresh button Symour Haselhof
broke button Teb Teb
used button Tenyuu Shinsougi
used button Tessa Trautner
thigh button Tetsuwan Melty
fresh button Tofurki Mannisto
fresh button Torend Basara
lost button Trixi Lightfoot
fresh button Um Bra
used button Vlad Orwell
fresh button Weird Theguy
fresh button Woden Alvis
banned button Xen Moscato
button pusher Yay Pancakes
lost button Yosarian Cloudchaser
fresh button Ysera Balmont
banned button Zhen Khei
cute button Zuzu Zutsu