Royal Tonberries


: Royal Tonberries


: Blood


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: Welcome to Tonberry Brotherhood. We light the way to new Adventures and we stab our enemies to deat


: Immortal Flames




: Tonberry Brotherhood at Plot 7, 3 Ward, Shirogane, Brynhildr

Welcome message

: He Knows if you are sleeping. He knows if you're awake. He doesnt care if you've been good or bad he's gonna stab you in the face-Tonberry


: Always



Ranking history


as of 15/02/2018

[15/02/2018] Dee Dee is assigned Musketeers rank

[15/02/2018] Pink Pandaa is assigned Musketeers rank

[15/02/2018] Tommy Gunnz is assigned Musketeers rank

[15/02/2018] Agro Araya is assigned Royal Guard rank

[15/02/2018] Allia Anthrax is assigned Royal Guard rank

[15/02/2018] Alpha Whah is assigned Royal Guard rank

[15/02/2018] Fayt Kleiner is assigned Royal Guard rank

[15/02/2018] Luna Araya is assigned Royal Guard rank

[15/02/2018] Rahlgan Fahrnir is assigned Royal Guard rank

[15/02/2018] Ugrath Fyrah is assigned Royal Guard rank

[15/02/2018] Maul Maedoc is assigned H.G. Tonberry rank

[15/02/2018] Steven Highwind is assigned H.G. Tonberry rank

[15/02/2018] Aru Eru is assigned Tonberry rank

[15/02/2018] Darius Carver is assigned Tonberry rank

[15/02/2018] Hiro Kojiro is assigned Tonberry rank

[15/02/2018] Totama Chan is assigned Tonberry rank

[15/02/2018] Royal Tonberries buys Plot 7, 3 Ward, Shirogane (Large)

[15/02/2018] Sebie Girard joins Royal Tonberries

[15/02/2018] Ronnie Konishi joins Royal Tonberries

[15/02/2018] Vaerum Faite leaves Royal Tonberries

[15/02/2018] Solaria Aestraea leaves Royal Tonberries

[15/02/2018] L'arc M'haru leaves Royal Tonberries

[15/02/2018] Anthem Hypercas leaves Royal Tonberries

[15/02/2018] Zosk Tko leaves Royal Tonberries

[15/02/2018] Yeti Blackout leaves Royal Tonberries

[15/02/2018] Seven Dawnstrider leaves Royal Tonberries

[15/02/2018] Regalis Raen leaves Royal Tonberries

[15/02/2018] Not Conncted leaves Royal Tonberries

[15/02/2018] Lynn Bella leaves Royal Tonberries

[15/02/2018] Jelly Jello leaves Royal Tonberries

[15/02/2018] Jello Jelly leaves Royal Tonberries

[15/02/2018] Cerrain Alkire leaves Royal Tonberries

[15/02/2018] Brutal Kitts leaves Royal Tonberries

[15/02/2018] Totama Chan joins Royal Tonberries

[15/02/2018] Aru Eru joins Royal Tonberries

[11/02/2018] Drunk Waifu leaves Royal Tonberries

[27/12/2017] Hiro Kojiro joins Royal Tonberries

[10/05/2017] Aya Sirona joins Royal Tonberries

[08/05/2017] Jello Jelly joins Royal Tonberries

[08/05/2017] Brutal Kitts joins Royal Tonberries

[08/05/2017] Ugrath Fyrah joins Royal Tonberries

[08/05/2017] Rahlgan Fahrnir joins Royal Tonberries

[08/05/2017] Royal Tonberries is registered in the service

[12/06/2014] Free Company is formed

Tonberry Queen Destiny Airari
Tonberry King Denkou Yaiba
Tonberry Aragorn Stormbringer
Tonberry Ari'ly Silvanas
Tonberry Arsene Delta
Tonberry Aru Eru
Tonberry Arwen Nevermore
Tonberry Black Ruby
Tonberry Brooke Godhand
Tonberry Darius Carver
Tonberry Dasho Starrlover
Tonberry Death By'snu-snu
Tonberry Enzo Matrix
Tonberry Folcan Umbros
Tonberry Hiro Kojiro
Tonberry Kanger Marst
Tonberry Karna Brahmastra
Tonberry Ken Chow
Tonberry Ladygunsmith Princess
Tonberry Lan Lightsteel
Tonberry Lawrence Unsunghero
Tonberry Lion Dart
Tonberry Magellus Black
Tonberry Marcanos Marigold
Tonberry Midievalmace Whah
Tonberry Nick Yaboi
Tonberry Purple Reptar
Tonberry Raleg Jageun
Tonberry Rice Burner
Tonberry Seamus Finnegan
Tonberry Sebie Girard
Tonberry Shyvanna Lightshield
Tonberry Sthalmhas Rymmstyrsyn
Tonberry Subutex Knight
Tonberry Totama Chan
Tonberry Wilheim Lial
Tonberry Yashahn Sheeka
Tonberry Yisun Borlaaq
Musketeers Dee Dee
Musketeers Pink Pandaa
Musketeers Purple Purps
Musketeers Tommy Gunnz
Royal Guard Agro Araya
Royal Guard Allia Anthrax
Royal Guard Alpha Whah
Royal Guard Fayt Kleiner
Royal Guard Luna Araya
Royal Guard Rahlgan Fahrnir
Royal Guard Ronnie Konishi
Royal Guard Ugrath Fyrah
H.G. Tonberry Alessa Wolfe
H.G. Tonberry Arthur Luke
H.G. Tonberry Aureona Maliceheart
H.G. Tonberry Febby Something
H.G. Tonberry Maul Maedoc
H.G. Tonberry Silver Tempest
H.G. Tonberry Steven Highwind
H.G. Tonberry Vacra Wren
H.G. Tonberry Zakurai Gaijin