Metal Head


: Metal Head


: MH


: 69


: 8

Leveling history


: 9228016373970502816


: Choose your Weapon, Time to save Eorzea!! Come and join, Metal Head! We are a new Free Company that wants to make a big difference in FF14.


: Immortal Flames




: MH6-8 at Plot 8, 6 Ward, The Goblet, Twintania, Light

Welcome message

: Welcome to the FC House of Metal Head!


: Always



Contender Adriana Rov
Soldier All Might
Soldier Antivana Silverwood
Soldier Ardelia Iryut
Contender Ariel Neko
Contender Asaina Nightfall
Soldier Auri-el Silvaine
Contender Bhalorack Silverwood
Contender Blacko Despair
Soldier Bleeding War
Contender Cerlina Silverwood
Contender Cid Cerberus
Twink Darknessa Black
Contender Dawn Greywolfe
Contender Deathzone Alsnan
Contender Dj Mclovin
Contender Dom Leonhart
Contender Edgar Fortnite
Contender Elessione Wingless
Contender Feroby Apocaly
Contender Flynniver Rouckie
Twink Hagalaz Keltic
Twink Hagalaz Rage
Contender Hatred Failed
Contender Horas Tasario
Contender I'raht Tia
Soldier Jean Luc
Contender Johnnie Vegapunk
Contender Josephine Alexandria
Private Kaede Miu
Soldier Kailis Vjir
Contender Kairi Astora
Contender Kenneth Fury
Contender Kevania Impalus
Contender Larusso Karada
Contender Little Dean
Soldier Lord Phylias
Contender Lucie Quemor
Contender Ludmilla Priscilla
Contender Luigi Nessa
Soldier Luna Spero
Contender Minessa Derane
Soldier Morasia Liangora
Contender Mordy Oswell
Contender Myra Doom
Contender Nana Mihgo
Contender Noima Bloodfallen
Contender Nuka Draco
Contender Per Razor
Contender Porphyria Alpha
Soldier Ros Anto
Soldier Roy Ainsworth
Private Sabrina Tiger
Contender Saverok Bhaal
Soldier Shai Devron
Contender Silver Beard
Soldier Speedy Silverwood
Contender Staubkint Totamoom
Contender Su Mucheng
Soldier Sui Kizakura
Contender Tiras Bloodfallen
Contender Tokyo Yamanote
Contender Tweety Twe
Soldier Vadzya Alexandrov
Twink Veronica Keltic
Contender Whiteelf Alsnan
Contender Xaine Altima
Contender Xaya Kathryss
Soldier Yennefer Vengeberg