Star Buster

Paladin Warrior Dark Knight
16 17 0
White Mage Scholar Astrologian
41 45 0
Monk Dragoon Ninja Samurai
16 16 0 0
Bard Machinist Black Mage Summoner Red Mage Blue Mage
15 0 26 45 0 0
Carpenter Blacksmith Armorer Goldsmith
13 0 0 0
Leatherworker Weaver Alchemist Culinarian
0 0 0 0
Miner Botanist Fisher
0 8 0


: Star Buster


: 6704709


: The Heart of the Party


: Female Roegadyn of Hellsguard clan


: 30th Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon


: Thaliak, the Scholar


: Limsa Lominsa, Sargatanas, Aether

Grand Company

: Serpent Corporal in Order of the Twin Adder


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Boughbury Burning Date With Destiny I Lazy Town The Kindness of Strangers To Crush Your Enemies I To Crush Your Enemies II To Crush Your Enemies III To Crush Your Enemies IV


Dungeon Siege I Dungeon Siege II To the Dungeons I



Can't Someone Else Do It I


Leaving a Good Impression I Leaving a Good Impression II Leaving a Good Impression III

Disciples of Magic

Bring Out Your Dead I Bring Out Your Dead II I Got the Magic Stick I I Got the Magic Stick II I Got the Magic Stick III I Got the Magic Stick IV Through the Gate I Through the Gate II Through the Gate III Through the Gate IV

Disciples of the Hand

Knock on Wood I

Disciples of War

An Axe to Grind I Just Talkin' 'bout Shafts I Stick Them with the Pointy End I Strong Lance Arm I The Sweet Science I

Gold Saucer

Dream Small I What Happens in the Saucer I



Going with the Grain: Amateur



Mapping the Realm: Brayflox's Longstop Mapping the Realm: Copperbell Mines Mapping the Realm: Halatali Mapping the Realm: Haukke Manor Mapping the Realm: Sastasha Mapping the Realm: Tam-Tara Deepcroft Mapping the Realm: Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak

La Noscea

Mapping the Realm: Lower La Noscea Mapping the Realm: Middle La Noscea Mapping the Realm: Upper La Noscea


Mapping the Realm: Central Thanalan



Logging the Hours: Black Shroud I

Grand Company

Grand Company

My Little Chocobo

Order of the Twin Adder

A Snake in the Brass I Snakebitten



On the Payroll I On the Payroll II On the Payroll III


Prepare to Be Assimilated I



All the More Region to Leve I All the More Region to Leve II All the More Region to Leve III All the More Region to Leve IV Uphill Battle I Uphill Battle II


Back from the Wood Father Knows Hest I Father Knows Hest II Leaving Limsa Lominsa Serving a Greater Cause I Serving a Greater Cause II Serving a Greater Cause III Serving a Greater Cause IV Serving a Greater Cause V Serving a Greater Cause VI Skeletons Storyteller I Storyteller II Storyteller III This One Time, at Level Thirty... Those Who Wait

Seasonal Events

A Bloom with a View All Saucer Everything All's Faire in Love and War II Heaven Eleven I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Broom Kindred Surprise Monster Party Pretty in Pink The Faire and the Maidens There Tonight, the Stars Align


Baby Bat Baby Behemoth Baby Bun Beady Eye Black Chocobo Chick Cait Sith Doll Chocobo Chick Courier Coeurl Kitten Goobbue Sproutling Minion Of Light Princely Hatchling Pumpkin Butler Wind-up Airship Wind-up Bartz Wind-up Cursor Wind-up Dalamud Wind-up Edvya Wind-up Firion Wind-up Gilgamesh Wind-up Goblin Wind-up Kain Wind-up Leader Wind-up Minfilia Wind-up Moogle Wind-up Nanamo Wind-up Odin Wind-up Red Mage Wind-up Thancred Wind-up Warrior Of Light


Ahriman Behemoth Coeurl Company Chocobo Eggshilaration System Falcon Fat Chocobo Flying Cumulus Griffin Legacy Chocobo Original Fat Chocobo Syldra Unicorn Witch's Broom