Stigma Sachs

Paladin Warrior Dark Knight
70 35 60
White Mage Scholar Astrologian
35 0 30
Monk Dragoon Ninja Samurai
70 70 51 70
Bard Machinist Black Mage Summoner Red Mage Blue Mage
51 70 25 22 53 50
Carpenter Blacksmith Armorer Goldsmith
12 28 51 60
Leatherworker Weaver Alchemist Culinarian
12 23 53 31
Miner Botanist Fisher
64 54 48


: Stigma Sachs


: 5860330


: Of the 14th Chakra


: Male Hyur of Highlander clan

Previous incarnations

Male Roegadyn of Hellsguard clan,
Male Miqo'te of Seeker of the Sun clan


: 4th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon


: Rhalgr, the Destroyer


: Gridania, Diabolos, Crystal

Grand Company

: Second Flame Lieutenant in Immortal Flames

Previous affiliations

Free companies

: Monster, The Rune Knights


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