Star Maylin

Paladin Warrior Dark Knight
20 18 0
White Mage Scholar Astrologian
50 0 0
Monk Dragoon Ninja Samurai
17 50 0 0
Bard Machinist Black Mage Summoner Red Mage Blue Mage
50 0 50 16 0 0
Carpenter Blacksmith Armorer Goldsmith
30 18 19 50
Leatherworker Weaver Alchemist Culinarian
24 21 13 24
Miner Botanist Fisher
20 42 25


: Star Maylin


: 4710398


: Male Lalafell of Dunesfolk clan


: 21st Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon


: Rhalgr, the Destroyer


: Gridania, Typhon, Elemental

Grand Company

: Second Serpent Lieutenant in Order of the Twin Adder

Previous affiliations

Free companies

: Taiwan Beer


Beady Eye Bite-sized Pudding Buffalo Calf Coblyn Larva Demon Box Dust Bunny Fledgling Dodo Goobbue Sproutling Gravel Golem Infant Imp Mammet #001 Mammet #003G Minion Of Light Minute Mindflayer Model Vanguard Pudgy Puk Smallshell Wind-up Airship Wind-up Bahamut Wind-up Brickman Wind-up Cursor Wind-up Edvya Wind-up Gilgamesh Wind-up Goblin Wind-up Leader Wind-up Minfilia Wind-up Odin Wind-up Shantotto Wind-up Sun Wind-up Thancred Wind-up Warrior Of Light Baby Behemoth Baby Bun Black Chocobo Chick Cherry Bomb Chigoe Larva Morbol Seedling Princely Hatchling Serpent Hatchling Wide-eyed Fawn Wind-up Moogle


Ahriman Behemoth Coeurl Company Chocobo Fat Chocobo Laurel Goobbue Magitek Armor Unicorn