Alcathr Fenris

Dark Knight Dark Knight Paladin Warrior
0 0 0 11
Astrologian Scholar White Mage
0 0 0
Dragoon Monk Ninja Samurai
50 6 30 54
Bard Bard Machinist Black Mage Blue Mage Red Mage Summoner
0 0 0 18 0 50 6
Armorer Blacksmith Carpenter Goldsmith
54 0 0 0
Alchemist Culinarian Leatherworker Weaver
0 0 0 0
Botanist Fisher Miner
0 0 0


: Alcathr Fenris


: 22651657


: The Heart of the Party


: Male Au Ra of Xaela clan


: 24th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon


: Rhalgr, the Destroyer


: Limsa Lominsa, Omega, Chaos

Grand Company

: Second Flame Lieutenant in Immortal Flames




Date With Destiny I To Crush Your Enemies III Bosom Buddies I To Crush Your Enemies I To Crush Your Enemies II


To the Dungeons II Dungeon Siege I To the Dungeons I



Leaving a Good Impression I

Disciples of Magic

How Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes I Bring Out Your Dead I

Disciples of the Hand

The Riddle of Steel I The Riddle of Steel II The Riddle of Steel III The Riddle of Steel IV The Riddle of Steel V

Disciples of War

Bushido Blade I Strong Lance Arm V Strong Lance Arm IV Strong Lance Arm I Strong Lance Arm II Strong Lance Arm III Come on, Rogue III Come on, Rogue I Come on, Rogue II An Axe to Grind I

Gold Saucer

Triple-decker I



An Eye for Detail: Armorer I Pounding Out the Dents: Amateur



Mapping the Realm: Coerthas Central Highlands


Mapping the Realm: Aurum Vale Mapping the Realm: Castrum Meridianum Mapping the Realm: Halatali Mapping the Realm: Stone Vigil Mapping the Realm: Cutter's Cry Mapping the Realm: Tam-Tara Deepcroft

La Noscea

Mapping the Realm: Outer La Noscea Mapping the Realm: Eastern La Noscea Mapping the Realm: Upper La Noscea Mapping the Realm: Western La Noscea Mapping the Realm: Lower La Noscea Mapping the Realm: Middle La Noscea

Mor Dhona

Mapping the Realm: Mor Dhona


Mapping the Realm: Northern Thanalan Mapping the Realm: Southern Thanalan Mapping the Realm: Central Thanalan Mapping the Realm: Eastern Thanalan Mapping the Realm: Western Thanalan

The Black Shroud

Mapping the Realm: North Shroud Mapping the Realm: East Shroud Mapping the Realm: South Shroud Mapping the Realm: Central Shroud

Grand Company

Grand Company

My Little Chocobo

Immortal Flames

Burning a Hole in My Pocket I Burning a Hole in My Pocket II In Good Company: Immortal Flames I In the Black I Light My Fire



On the Payroll II On the Payroll I


Beginner's Luck Getting Too Attached I


Beast Tribe Quests

You Bet Your Ash I


Uphill Battle I All the More Region to Leve I


Free Wing Night History Repeating Dragoon Age I Those Who Wait Back from the Wood Skeletons Storyteller III This One Time, at Level Thirty... Leaving Limsa Lominsa Storyteller II Storyteller I


Baby Bat Baby Bun Baby Raptor Bite-sized Pudding Bom Boko Bombfish Cherry Bomb Chigoe Larva Coblyn Larva Coeurl Kitten Dress-up Alisaie Dress-up Thancred Dust Bunny Fledgling Dodo Ghido Goobbue Sproutling Gravel Golem Infant Imp Kidragora Magitek Avenger F1 Miniature Minecart Mock-up Grynewaht Morbol Seedling Odder Otter Onion Prince Page 63 Pudgy Puk Slime Puddle Smallshell Tight-beaked Parrot Tiny Tatsunoko Wayward Hatchling Wide-eyed Fawn Wind-up Airship Wind-up Dullahan Wind-up Edda Wind-up Estinien Wind-up Garuda Wind-up Ifrit Wind-up Lakshmi Wind-up Leviathan Wind-up Ramuh Wind-up Shiva Wind-up Susano Wind-up Titan Wolf Pup


Company Chocobo