Aleron Crius

Dark Knight Dark Knight Paladin Warrior
0 0 0 0
Astrologian Scholar White Mage
0 70 0
Dragoon Monk Ninja Samurai
6 70 70 50
Bard Bard Machinist Black Mage Blue Mage Red Mage Summoner
70 0 0 56 1 56 70
Armorer Blacksmith Carpenter Goldsmith
9 37 37 35
Alchemist Culinarian Leatherworker Weaver
32 13 32 33
Botanist Fisher Miner
51 26 52


: Aleron Crius


: 20857299


: The Darkest Shadow


: Male Miqo'te of Keeper of the Moon clan

Previous incarnations

Male Lalafell of Dunesfolk clan


: 12th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon


: Rhalgr, the Destroyer


: Limsa Lominsa, Faerie, Aether

Grand Company

: Second Flame Lieutenant in Immortal Flames

Previous affiliations

Free companies

: Gamers Unite, Advocates of Honor, Truckasaurus Rex, The Aethernet, Obsidian Wings


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