Malik Neaman

Dark Knight Dark Knight Paladin Warrior
0 0 3 9
Astrologian Scholar White Mage
0 0 7
Dragoon Monk Ninja Samurai
3 3 0 0
Bard Bard Machinist Black Mage Blue Mage Red Mage Summoner
13 0 0 6 0 0 26
Armorer Blacksmith Carpenter Goldsmith
2 1 2 1
Alchemist Culinarian Leatherworker Weaver
1 1 3 1
Botanist Fisher Miner
3 4 1


: Malik Neaman


: 1702309


: Male Miqo'te of Seeker of the Sun clan


: 24th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon


: Thaliak, the Scholar


: Limsa Lominsa, Masamune, Mana

Grand Company

: Serpent Private Third Class in Order of the Twin Adder

Free Company

: Vested Member in Distant World


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