Azreal Silverlight

Paladin Warrior Dark Knight
70 70 70
White Mage Scholar Astrologian
70 70 64
Monk Dragoon Ninja Samurai
70 70 70 70
Bard Machinist Black Mage Summoner Red Mage
66 70 61 70 55
Carpenter Blacksmith Armorer Goldsmith
1 5 8 0
Leatherworker Weaver Alchemist Culinarian
1 0 0 10
Miner Botanist Fisher
40 20 9


: Azreal Silverlight


: 11111989


: Loved by the Axe


: Male Hyur of Midlander clan


: 10th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon


: Rhalgr, the Destroyer


: Limsa Lominsa, Diabolos, Primal

Grand Company

: Second Storm Lieutenant in Maelstrom

Free Company

: Her Eternal Reign


: Competant Ninja looking for to progress into Savage.


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as of 13/06/2018 (update scheduled on 11/07/2018 12:45)

[11/07/2018] Azreal Silverlight is assigned Prince rank

[13/06/2018] Azreal Silverlight is assigned Prince rank

[11/02/2018] Azreal Silverlight is reborn as male Hyur of Midlander clan

[11/02/2018] Azreal Silverlight confides in Rhalgr, the Destroyer

[30/07/2017] Azreal Silverlight registers in the service

[30/07/2017] Azreal Silverlight joins Her Eternal Reign