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This update was planned for a later day and was meant to include even more changes, but due to issues with current BIC and FFXIV Tracker services, I have to pushed it out now. Because of this some content not realted to mentioned services is temporary unavailable and will be restored in the next update. Below you can find the latest changelog.

* New design
* Significant backend changes
* Some semantic changes in HTML
* Restructured CSS
* More mobile friendly
* When moving around the site, links will change content dynamically, when possible, to preserve bandwidth
* When scrolling to bottom if a page is part of a set, scrolling to the end will load next page in set (not currently used)
* Moved share buttons to header (expanded on click/tap) and cleaned them up
* Floating pagination (not currently used)
* Contacts, sitemaps and Atom feeds moved from navigation to footer (expanded on click/tap)
* Retained only 1 favicon set, instead of changing it on some pages
* Replace FF Tracker sidebar by appropriate history events
+ Added support for HTTP/2
- Temporary disabled SilverSteam for refactoring
- Temporary disabled art and changelog items
- Moved all code snippets to Github. Check contacts for link

BIC Library:
* Moved to database (significant performance and stability improvement)
* Improved logic of telephones parser
* Slight change of predecessors list generation logic: only "direct" predecessors are shown. If an item has merged several older banks, you will see their respective chains in the item details only. This provides a bit more consistent results
* API now supports only JSON format and provides BIC details only when using respective VKEY (from BIC library, present on pages as well)
+ Added ATOM feeds for changed and deleted banks
- Removed filters, retained name/bic only search

Final Fantasy XIV Tracker:
* Now tracking not only weekly rankings, but also monthly ones and members count and show all three on one graph. Due to significant change in logic of how this is tracked, all previous entries were removed. It requires to have at least 2 appropriate entries to see the graph, so you may need to wait a week (for weekly rating change on Lodestone)
* Search results can now be accessed by appropriate page
* If a company has defined rank levels, members will be visually divided by them to show hierarchy
* For characters new minions, mounts, achievements are tracked, as well as any other changes. For minions, mounts and achievements only last 10 entries of each are stored (purge is done on weekly basis). If update detects more than 10 changes for minions or mounts, only 10 of them will be registered
+ Added a weekly job to update up to 1000 entities, that were not updated for over a year
+ Added maps for companies, that have plots
- Removed advanced filters, since they are not really used
- Removed tracking of individual class levels
- Removed tracking of wrongly assigned ranks as not used
- Removed tracking of alternative ranks as not used
- Removed class diversity check for suggestions, since covered by minimum class levels

Final Fantasy XIV Tracker

Service to track different information for Free Companies, Linkshells and individual characters for Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XIV Tracker

BIC Library

Representation of Bank Identification Codes (BIC)
BIC Library