Just to let you know, what kind of development is planned at the moment, here is the expected order:
1. Advanced search for Final Fantasy XIV Tracker
2. SilverSteam integration into current interface with only minimal changes in features
3. Complete removal of all legacy pages currently available, including DarkSteam and old SilverSteam
4. User registration, including through social networks (Google, VK, FaceBook for sure, possibly others, as well)
5. Linkage of registered users with Final

Updated BIC Library and I call it an actual production version.
Unlike similar services it now provides filtering, linkage to SWIFT codes, where applicable, allows for easier traversal through children and parent organizations, shows full chain of RKC and successors, provides convenient links to call or search the address on map using Google and Yandex.
All of this - on one page. Updates automatically.

It's possible to provide custom feeds, so, please, contact me if you want something like this.

Added a BIC Library module, which will be useful for Russian financial organizations. At the moment it's just very basic search, but I plan to add BICs' detailed view, automated update (with ability to force it), parent-child relationship visualization. But even now it has a linkage of Russian BICs to SWIFT ones, unlike most similar services out there.

Dues to LodeStone update on 31.03.2017 FFTracker is not working as expected. It is being decided how to approach this significant change: re-write the code completely by myself, or wait for XIVSync to get updated and start using it instead.

As you can see, the website has been updated significantly. And it’s still a work in progress. While it is, I wanted to share the updated Final Fantasy XIV Tracker. It has a completely new engine using a database and allows tracking individual members as well. At the moment, you won’t notice much difference visually, but changes will come.
Please, let me know in case you encounter any issues.