Update 20170104

Final Fantasy XIV Tracker:

* Changed FC list representation. Date and members count is available on hover

* Changed the way members are filtered on search on FC page

* When searching member details are hidden if they were shown before

+ If textual search filters everything except for 1 FC, pressing 'Enter' or 'Register' will open that company. In case just digits were used the same will work if search string matches the ID of the company filtered

+ Newly (within 7 days) added FCs and those not updated for 30 days or more are now marked appropriately in the list

* Fixed "from server" being overlayed by FC name

* Fixed issue with individual level tracker, where in some cases level would not be properly updated

* Fixed showing older name in FC members' list

* Fixed some queries when moving members from one FC to another

* Fixed FC level change arrows missing in some cases

* FC rank table will not be shown if only 1 rank was registered so far

* When searching for members rank can be used as well

+ Added total Free Companies count

* Fixed some unidentified index errors in backend